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3 reasons warehouse ladder injuries happen

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2020 | Personal Injury |

There are thousands of small, medium and large warehouses in the Cleveland area. If you work in one of them, you probably have to accomplish a variety of job-related tasks. Sometimes, you must use a ladder to reach items above your head. 

If you sustain an injury when working on or near a ladder at work, you can likely pursue workers’ compensation benefits. Still, you are better off avoiding an accident altogether. Here are three reasons warehouse ladder injuries tend to happen:

1. Climbing on a damaged ladder

Many commercial-grade ladders have a long lifespan. Still, no ladder lasts forever. If you climb onto a broken one, it may not be able to support your weight. Furthermore, damaged components from a worn-out ladder may dislodge and become sharp projectiles. Either way, if the ladder at your job is not in good condition, you should not use it.

2. Being creative with the way you use a ladder

Ladder manufacturers design their products for use in very specific ways. To inform you of how to use the ladder properly, they typically also print instructions and restrictions directly onto the ladder. Any deviance from normal usage puts your life in danger. As such, you should not be creative with the way you use the ladder at your warehouse.

3. Placing a ladder incorrectly

If you fall off a ladder, you may sustain a life-altering injury. Still, many falls occur because of incorrect ladder placement. Before starting a task, be sure that your ladder is on a dry, slip-resistant and even surface. You should also look for overhead electrical wires and other hazards. Furthermore, you must realize that not all ladders are right for every type of project. Choosing the correct one for your job is essential. 

If you have sustained a ladder-related injury, you certainly should seek workers’ compensation benefits. On the other hand, avoiding an injury completely is a better health strategy. By understanding the common reasons ladder accidents happen, you can plan to stay safe at your warehouse job.