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Workers’ Compensation Services

Workers’ compensation in Ohio is designed to provide medical and wage benefits to injured individuals if they were injured in the course of employment.

Steps To Take Following An On-The-Job Injury

When you are injured, your first priorities should be to:

  • Notify the employer of your injury. File a written report as soon as possible.
  • Seek medical help. Make sure that your symptoms and the incident are documented by the doctor.
  • Make sure the claim is filed with the Ohio BWC and ultimately approved.
  • Consult with an attorney to protect your rights.

Many injured workers think they cannot afford an attorney – especially if they are missing work. However, the lawyers at Friedman & Cool, LLC handle workers’ compensation claims on a contingent-fee basis. This means that there is no hourly fee and no fee is due upfront. We receive a fee only if we are able to obtain compensation for you.

Aside from getting your medical bills and lost wages paid, there are other benefits you may be entitled to. Our attorneys can help you determine what other benefits you are entitled to and apply for those benefits.

If You Have Suffered A Work-Related Injury Or Illness, Contact Us

To discuss your claim and how we may help you, call our law offices in Cleveland at 216-930-6389. You may also contact us online. If you are unable to come to our offices, we can come to you.