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Automation May Cause Worker Injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Whether you love technology or see it as an unpredictable force, automation is becoming a way of life in the modern economy. As such, if you work in a warehouse, factory or production facility, you likely share your job site with some type of robot. When robots do dangerous jobs, they tend to keep flesh-and-blood workers safe. Unfortunately, automation may also put workers at risk. 

While robots may improve productivity, they have a major drawback. That is, they cannot think independently or solve problems. Accordingly, a robot may inadvertently cause serious injury or death. If you work in an automated environment, you should understand the inherent dangers of performing job duties near robots. 


After programming, robots often move independently. Regrettably, if you are in the way of an automated system’s moving parts, you may suffer an impact injury. You may also become trapped inside or beneath automated equipment. Naturally, if you collide with a robot, you may sustain lacerations, broken bones, internal injuries, traumatic brain injuries and other types of bodily damage. 


Some machines operate at high temperatures. If you touch a hot surface, you may sustain first-, second- or third-degree burns. Keeping a safe distance, though, may not be an effective strategy for avoiding a burn. On the contrary, because super-heated fluids and hot exhaust are common with automated machines, you may be in danger of serious injury during a machine malfunction. 

Repetitive-stress injuries 

Robots and other automated systems do not often work independently. On the contrary, they typically require human interaction. If you must regularly move in the same or similar ways to support automation, you may eventually develop a repetitive stress injury. While not usually acute, these injuries can have life-limiting consequences. 

Even though automation may make your work life easier, it does not come without its share of risks. You must, therefore, understand the potential danger you face when working with or near robots. Luckily, with a bit of knowledge and some care, you can minimize your chances of sustaining a serious robot-related injury.