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Long-Term Compensation For The Hardships Of A Catastrophic Injury

Last updated on October 18, 2023

Some injuries are so severe that full recovery is not possible. The victim and the family adapt, but life will never be the same. The person may not ever work again or be able to enjoy the things they used to. The disability creates profound physical, financial and psychological hardships.

Friedman & Cool, LLC stands up for people who have suffered catastrophic injuries or permanent disabilities. Our skilled and compassionate lawyers are committed to securing the comprehensive compensation to cover future needs and lifelong suffering. We handle personal injury cases and workplace accidents across Ohio, and we can help your family today.

Getting Results For Those Who Need The Most Help

We have recovered many settlements and jury verdicts for clients who have suffered life-changing injuries in motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle crashes, pedestrian accidents, falls from heights, fires and explosions, machinery and heavy equipment accidents, and other tragic circumstances.

Our attorneys are familiar with the medical complications and challenges associated with the aftermath of:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI) – Every case is different. Victims may suffer problems with cognitive deficits, speech impairment, loss of memory and concentration, chronic headaches, personality change, mood swings and other symptoms. Some require extensive physical and occupational theory, or round-the-clock nursing care.
  • Spinal cord trauma – Depending on what part of the back or neck was injured, the person may lose the use of their legs or all movement and sensation below the shoulders. A high cervical injury may require artificial respiration and 24-hour care. Paraplegia or quadriplegia may require special adaptations to vehicles and living quarters.
  • Severe burns – Burn injury victims live with chronic pain and disabilities, in addition to skin graft surgeries and physical rehab. The scars and disfigurement can cause social isolation and emotional problems.
  • Amputation – The loss of a limb creates everyday challenges and limits the ability to earn a living. Artificial limbs are costly and need period replacement, and the psychological toll is great.
  • Eye injury – Loss of an eye, blindness or permanent visual impairment is a disfiguring and disabling injury, with implications for employment and all facets of life.

We have also represented people with major orthopedic injuries, organ damage, hearing loss, facial disfigurement and other catastrophic injuries.

We Work To Make You As Whole As Possible

Money can’t cure the injury or make up for what has been lost. But families need to replace lost income and projected earnings. They need to have their medical bills paid and all ongoing care needs covered, from surgeries to nursing care. The victim deserves compensation for the tangible pain and suffering, and for the loss of enjoyment of life.

Friedman & Cool, LLC works closely with clients to understand the economic impact and all the ways that life is changed for the worse. We also coordinate with economists, medical professionals, counselors, life care planners and other experts to anticipate those care needs and calculate appropriate damages in the lawsuit. We are available throughout the process to answer your questions and help with legal or insurance issues that arise.

Please Reach Out For A Free Consultation

We believe we can make a difference in holding the negligent parties and the insurance companies accountable for full and fair compensation. Our Cleveland firm represents the injured statewide. Call today at 216-930-6389 or contact us online to arrange a consultation at your convenience, including home or hospital visits.

While it is expensive to prepare a lawsuit for catastrophic injuries, you owe no attorney fees unless we are successful in recovering compensation.